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Asakusa Guest House Seven Garden is the nearest guest house from the station.

There are various shops within 2 minutes from the cafe that came out here.

We can eat and walk. We are in the guest house near Asakusa station. I would like to introduce nearby spots. For example, we introduce special food and souvenirs of Asakusa. IMO - KIN, gelato, Asakusa melon pans and traditional cracker etc are in 2 minutes from the guest house. Although the main street is nice, Enter the road next to the one, Please know the wonderful Asakusa culture.

First of all, walk out the Asakusa Gues thouse Seven Garden and walk to the right, you can see the road in front of you. This is Kannon Avenue.
It is as it is about 4 minutes on foot from Asakusa Station on the Ginza Line.

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    stalls near Kaminarimon| From asakusa guesthouse sevengarden

    Kaminarimon is famous for Asakusa I think that there are many people who know the large lanterns in Kaminarimon because it is a symbol of Asakusa. Kaminarimon was made in 941 AD. It is said to have been made in hopes of the safety and harvesting of the town in the new land when moving through the center of the country. It is a 4-minute walk from the Asakusa guesthouse's Seven Garden and I will arrive at Kaminarimon. There are many stalls here. The staff of the "asakusa guesthouse sevengarnden" think that this is the place where the most people are in Asakusa. This is the kaminarimon This Kaminarimon is night. There are many stalls behind this. The picture of the day is like this. Asakusa Guensthouse Sevengarden introduce near kaminarimon! ...

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    Recommended Asakusa souvenirs | Near guesthouse

    Asakusa guesthouse sevengarden recommend those souvenirs. Asakusa souvenirs HIRAI Asakusa Guesthouse When you go out the Seven Garden and immediately turn right, you will see the familiar Kannon Street. Soon you go to the right, there is a Japanese traditional sundries shop. Each sundry is very small, cute and tasteful and  they are very cheap. It is a recommended souvenir. I think that it will become the piace of the story. You can reach this shop in about 50 seconds on foot from Asakusa Seven Garden. Even Japanese people say they do not know what these goodies are. It is a small item. I think it is a handkerchief. What is this owl used for? But I feel like Asakusa. ...

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    【Attractions in kanon road 】near asakusa guesthouse sevengarden

    Asakusa guesthouse Seven-garden is very near by kannon-street near by asakusa station There are a lot of attractions. I will introduce here. Nakamise-dori is famous for us, but the road next to it is said to be "Kannon Dori". This street is as lively as well. And there are various shops and shops. Seven Garden of Asakusa Guest House is next to this Kannon Street. You can get to this street in 10 seconds after leaving the guest house. Kannon Dori next to Asakusa Guest House is crowded with rows of souvenirs and miscellaneous goods stores, Monja fried shops, special melon pans, sweets of sweet potatoes famous for Asakusa, ramen noodle, rice cracker, buckwheat shop, eel restaurant, etc. . Today I will pick up some shops and introduce them.   1second from Asakusa Guesthouse Sevengarden    RESTAURANT SAKURA  ...