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Asakusa Guest House Seven Garden is the nearest guest house from the station.

There are various shops within 2 minutes from the cafe that came out here.

We can eat and walk. We are in the guest house near Asakusa station. I would like to introduce nearby spots. For example, we introduce special food and souvenirs of Asakusa. IMO - KIN, gelato, Asakusa melon pans and traditional cracker etc are in 2 minutes from the guest house. Although the main street is nice, Enter the road next to the one, Please know the wonderful Asakusa culture.

First of all, walk out the Asakusa Gues thouse Seven Garden and walk to the right, you can see the road in front of you. This is Kannon Avenue.
It is as it is about 4 minutes on foot from Asakusa Station on the Ginza Line.

  • 30/04

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    Marugoto Nippon ! -souvenir/local specialty shop & restaurant in Asakusa- part1

    Hello! Today I want to introduce a very interesting place in Asakusa. Its name is “Marugoto Nippon (まるごとにっぽん)". Marugoto Nippon is a shopping complex. You can buy various kinds of souvenirs and eat local cuisine around Japan.   It’s located near Asakusa station-Tsukuba Express line. I’m going straight to the point, I really like this place! And I think you will also like it!!   Today I will show you 4 souvenir shops at 1F- Rakuichi (楽市). Here we go!   *1* Sasada Kamaboko Ten (笹田蒲鉾店) from Tokushima.   Kamaboko is what is called a “fish cake” or “surimi seafood”. Kamoboko is very useful in Japanese cuisine because it’s ready-to-eat meals and rich in nutrition. There are some types of Kamaboko; boiled, roasted, steamed, fried and this shop sells many kinds of them. Some of th...

  • 15/04

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    You can eat Aomori ramen near by sevengarden asakusa guest house

    You can eat Aomori ramen near by sevengarden asakusa guest house Ramen is culture for japanese , There are a lot of ramen shop in asakusa We introduce ramen shop near sevengarden guset house That shop is in Kannon road that we introduce before. They are called Tushima ramen shop! When you go out seven-garden , please go to right side. and Please turn left end of the street , you just go straight that road. You can reach this ramen shop for 1min from seven garden asakusa guest house. Appearace is like that.  This japanese words mean "This is dried sardine ramen shop from Aomori prefecture". Dried sardine ramen is trend for Tokyo ramen since 2014. Some people don't like dried sardine ramen ,but asakusa guesthouse's sevengarden staffs like that , this ramen has rich fragrance ...

  • 09/04

    Near-AsakusaStation-guesthouse-SevenGarden Asakusa-tour-from-guesthouse

    There is SECRET PATH near Asakusa guest house sevengarden in asakusa

    Asakusa secret : near by station Even japanese doesn't know this secret path The secret path excites man's spirit of romantic adventure. This secret path connect to asakusa station directly The name is "Entrance of asakusa underground Shopping district This road is super shortcut road to "kannon street" And this is also short cut road for asakusa guest house sevengarden! There are a lot of japanese traditional underground shop Sevengarden staff introduce FUKUCHAN!! I explain menu! [Draft beer...

  • 13/03

    Near-AsakusaStation-guesthouse-SevenGarden cheap-affordable

    have you ever eaten puffer finish in asakusa |boil puffer fish in a pan

    Have you ever eaten pufferfish in asakusa ? Let's eat japanese traditional high-class food Once in a while Today I introduce restaurant called "Takatori Onoya" This restaurant belong KAPPOU restaurant KAPPOU is a restaurant of authentic Japanese cuisine, kaiseki and kaiseki cuisine. There is a kitchen in the store, the hight-class chef cooks and serves dishes. You can eat in a vibrant atmosphere that you can see how the cook cooks through the counter or talk with the cook. Originally very high class food, But You can eat KAPPOU affordably. asakusa Takatori Onoya is famous restaurant in asakusa here is near by kaminarimon Let's enter ...

  • 10/03

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    night bar asakusa | near by asakusa guest house sevengarden

    Garally ef is late night bar near by sevengarden late night food and drink You can drink at the bar after the last train. This is the privilege of the people who are staying at the Asakusa guesthouse. Gallery EF   Gallery F is an art space created by artists that was built in the land of Asakusa during the Edo era, which the artists reproduced the Kanto Great Earthquake and the Tokyo Air Raid survived. In 1997 opened a cafe and a bar. It is used as a place of expression of artists from home and abroad. We can look menu from outside It is a small cafe of about 20 seats. Soil and straw walls, antique unified interior, stateless and organic shop. Ju...

  • 10/03

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    Let's eat affordable Aakusa Ramen! | night food near sevengarden asakusa guest house

    This is the best ramen shop in asakusa 1. It's very near by station . and It's very near by guest house sevengarden! staffs always eat there. today , I will show you the best ramen in asakusa! this ramen-shop open untill midnight! night food! Asakusa's night is early. but this ramen-shop open untill midnight. this is the reason why We recommend! ramen is always cheap! and affordable! every menu are less than 1000Yen. Low price help me The name of ramen shop is ..YUKIKAGE Rich soup made by chicken cooked for a long time There are Tanrei-Ramen and Rich-Flavor-Ramen, and Tsukemen-noodles, but highly recommended is rich-noodles(noukou ramen). Pig and cattle ingredients are eliminated from all raw materials. It is different from other stores where we are making chicken only. It is "chicken white ramen" of rich chicken and noodles that is gourmet even though you are satisfied. Please enjoy a rich thick white soup filled with plenty of umami and collagen prepared by thoroughly simmering natural ingredients such as ...

  • 05/03

    Near-AsakusaStation-guesthouse-SevenGarden cheap-affordable asakusa-traditional-japanese-shopping-area-and-market

    if you want to drink beer with a nice view...

    This experience is affordable. do you know asakusa beer building? In Asakusa there are many tourists near Kaminarimon, "I'm tired from the crowds" "I want to do a relaxing sightseeing today" "It is already & hellip; I want to drink beer", it is good news for those who are tired.   There are good places in the headquarters building of Asahi's famous beer maker in Japan. Let's go now.     From Seven Garden, this is the way. Assuming that you are already tired , I will attach a picture of the way.     (1)First, from Asakusa station direction, cross the Azumabashi and go to the opposite...

  • 28/02

    Near-AsakusaStation-guesthouse-SevenGarden cheap-affordable

    Mugitoro asakusa food | sevengarden staff recommendation

    mugitoro restaurant from guest house sevengarden | cheap&affordable It is Mami of the staff of the Seven Garden. Today , I introduce cheap&affordable asakusa food "mugitoro"!! It is about 4 minutes on foot from Seven Garden to famous mugitoro restaurant. First of all, as usual I go to the entrance on the right Let's go!! and I will go to the left of the Kannon street. Kannon Street is always crowded. Let's turn right! again .This area is close to the guesthouse. like a garden.   1min guest house | takiyaki shop taiyaki shop ...

  • 25/02

    Near-AsakusaStation-guesthouse-SevenGarden asakusa-walking-guide-and-asakusa-must-eat

    I went to a legendary tempura store that is in the top 3 of Asakusa 's delicious tasty bowl.

    I love Asakusa Tempura I'm yama , Asakusa guesthouse Sevengarden's staff . today , I introduce high ranked tenpura restaurant near by sevengarden! We call that restaurant "AKASHI" If you ask this tempura restaurant tojapanese, Most people know that! Let's go! I usually start grom sevengarden asakusa guesthouse! I am very much looking forward to it. I was thinking that I wanted to go there for three years. When my parents and friends stayed at Asakusa Guesthouse everyone said that they went to this tempura restaurant. At last the day has come for me to go. I will introduce you to surprise. Let's go!! Akashi!!ASAKUSA TEMPURA! As usual, as soon as you leave the guesthouse and go to the right road (Kannon dori), turn right and go straight. For me it is a familiar road...