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Seven Garden is a guest house near Asakusa station.

On this page we will introduce Seven Garden Guest House.


It takes about 5 minutes on foot from the Asakusa Line.
It is exciting that we can see a rickshaw on the way and a famous shopping street.

You can look how to go to "asakusa gues thouse SEVENGARDEN from Asakusa-line" here


Here is the reason why this guest house is said to be the nearest from the station.

When you use GINZA-LINE , you can arrive there soon

You can look how to go to "asakusa guest house SEVENGARDEN from GINZA-line" here

  • 25/06

    about-seven-garden Asakusa-guesthouse-hostel-recommendations-list Asakusa-tour-from-guesthouse

    Asakusa day tour vol.1, recomended by Asakusa Guesthouse SEVENGARDEN's Staff.

    When you visit Asakusa, you can not figure out where you should go. Today I will introduce Asakusa day tour.  There are many places where I recommend you to go and see. Once you go this tour, you might be fell like amazing and having fun. Asakusa Hanayashiki (花屋敷) Asakusa Hanayashiki is the oldest amusement park in Japan, it has been there since 1947.  Asakusa Hanayashiki is not big place such as Tokyo Disney Land.  It has rail coaster and some attractions and restaurant there. If you go there, you will have an amazing time.   Asakusa Engei Hall(浅草演芸ホール) Asakusa the traditional shopping, entertainment and residential districts of Tokyo, from Edo era. Asakusa Engei Hall is one of the entertainment show hall since then.  Some comedy and magic show has been held...

  • 18/06

    about-seven-garden cheap-affordable asakusa-walking-guide-and-asakusa-must-eat Asakusa-tour-from-guesthouse

    What is The Melonpan? You must eat Asakusa modern tradition food.

    Have you ever had The Melonpan at Asakusa? After visiting and praying at the Asakusa Sensoji temple, you will find many souvenir shop and traditional food shop. Walking arround Asakusa Sensoji temple and Kaminarimon gate., There are many shop selling the Melonpan. The Melonpan is type of sweet bread.  Today, I introduce What Melonpan is, and some reccomend Melonpan shop at Asakusa.   What the Melonpan is? The Melonpan "メロンパン" is mede by two words. "Melon" is fruit, as you know. "Pan" is the bread, as you know. When I introduce about Melonpan, many tourist ask "tastes like Melon??" It does not taste like Melon. It looks like Melon. Melonpan is covered with hard and crispy cookie dough, and inside of Melonpan is type of white bread and very soft.  Every Melon pan store arround Asakusa are surving their Melonpan just baked. So, it is fresh and warm. Once you put...

  • 25/05

    about-seven-garden Near-AsakusaStation-guesthouse-SevenGarden

    the nearest guest house by asakusa station sevengarden's story introducing asakusa

    Hello everyone It is yama, the nearest guest house from the station, Seven Garden.   Asakusa is one of the most popular cities for both Japanese and tourists. When You go to Asakusa even Japanese, They are excited from the night before yesterday, "What kind of fun is there!" "What to do and have fun!" Actually, the atmosphere is quite different from Asakusa compared with other towns in Tokyo (Shibuya, Ginza, Shinjuku, Roppongi, Harajuku, Akihabara) Asakusa is a city that has a unique atmosphere. So, what kind of city is Asakusa this time? I will introduce along with reason why Asakusa is a fun city. First you can see the temples and temples Speaking of Asakusa is still a temple shrine and temple representative of "Kaminarimon" and "Sensoji temple". If you are going to see historical temples and shrines and temples, you would like to keep going to the site about the history and back...

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    how to go to sevengarden from ginza-line

    SEVENGARDEN is very very near by asakusa station From Asakusa Ginza-line , very near by guesthouse sevengarden If you take off asakusa station ginza-line , please go to exsit 1 ! When you go out asakusa examination of tickets ginza-line , you will find exit1 Just to be sure I will post a map I will walk to Exit 1! This is exit 1 of asakusa station! ...

  • 09/01


    How to go to Asakusa Guesthouse Seven-garden(near asakusa station)

    Seven-garden Asakusa Guesthouse Near Station We are Seven-Garden Staff. We will show you how to go to Seven Garden of Asakusa Guesthouse using Asakusa line. Sevengarden is nearst guesthouse from asakusa station  When you get off the Asakusa line train, there is an exit guide like this in front of you. If you come from Shinjuku, after you get off, head right. Actually, the seven-garden is the closest to A6, but if you get off the Asakusa line you can not go to A6. So I will walk toward the A3 exit. (If you can go to A6 using GINZA line , sevengarden is very near from asakusa station exit6. in a 2min) ...

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