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Asakusa day tour vol.1, recomended by Asakusa Guesthouse SEVENGARDEN's Staff.

When you visit Asakusa, you can not figure out where you should go.
Today I will introduce Asakusa day tour. 

There are many places where I recommend you to go and see. Once you go this tour, you might be fell like amazing and having fun.

Asakusa Hanayashiki (花屋敷)

Asakusa Hanayashiki is the oldest amusement park in Japan, it has been there since 1947. 

Asakusa Hanayashiki is not big place such as Tokyo Disney Land. 

It has rail coaster and some attractions and restaurant there.

If you go there, you will have an amazing time.


Asakusa Engei Hall(浅草演芸ホール)

Asakusa the traditional shopping, entertainment and residential districts of Tokyo, from Edo era. Asakusa Engei Hall is one of the entertainment show hall since then. 

Some comedy and magic show has been held at Asakusa Engei Halll for citizen.

You can watch Japanese historical comedy show, Yose(寄席), Manzai(漫才).

It is hard to understand what comedian speaks to people for foreign tourist. However, the building of Asakusa Engei Hall, is traditional, so you must see it. 

Asakusa Hoppy Street

Hoppy is beer tasted non-Alcohole drink. Hoppy is cheeper than beer, loved by japanese people lives in Tokyo, since 1948.

When people drink Hoppy, Hoppy mixed with shochu (a Japanese distilled beverage) was considered a substitute for beer, which was beyond the reach of ordinary people. 

Hoppy is very famous at Asakusa, and most of bar and restaurant has Hoppy. 

One district of Asakusa called Hoppy street are very famous, because they surve Hoppy and traditional food are cheep. 

If you go there, you will having fun time and drink Hoppy and the day will be perfect.

If you want to know more detail of Asakusa Hoppy street, read this Article.

What is hoppy street in asakusa

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