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Tatsumiya japanese restaurant near asakusa station | sevengarnden

Near asakusa station | Tatsumiya | japanese restaurant

I'm Yamamoto from Seven Garden.

When you google "restauirants near asakusa"  , There are los restaurant  ,but actually ,little far from station and just advertisement.

Today I will introduce a Japanese restaurant in a one minute (no, 10 seconds) walk from the Seven Garden(super near asakusa station).


If you stay at Seven Garden, you probably will go through this store several times a day.
This shop is also near asakusa station, because the Seven Garden is very close from Asakusa Station.
Here is near even from the station and sevengarden.

The appearance is like this.

Iatmosphere is traditional japanese restaurant.

Apparently it seems famous for hot pot, eel, sukiyaki etc.


Here is full of people from overseas.

It seems to be a popular japanese restaurant.

The store owner of this shop does not seem to really speak English,
But He always smile and talk english.

The menu looks something like this.

I will order Sukiyaki, Red snapper Pan and fried beef today.
All are popular Japanese food and dericious.

The red snapper pot is a Japanese hot pot dish of the sea bream with vegetables and tofu.
It s a healthy taste .
In haiku , "red snapper pot " is a word expressing winter.

Originally famous in Shikoku district.

There is a story that it became famous in Japan from the end of the Tokugawa period to the Meiji era.
And There are another famous story about hot pot. long time a go , Westerners could not eat sashimi
There is also a story that hot pot spread from the place which they put it in a pot and ate it.

Sukiyaki is like this.

Fried Beef are popular recently in Japan.
Rare beef is delicious.

Seven Garden staff is just eating and eating .

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