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How to go to Asakusa Guesthouse Seven-garden(near asakusa station)

Seven-garden Asakusa Guesthouse Near Station

We are Seven-Garden Staff.

We will show you how to go to Seven Garden of Asakusa Guesthouse using Asakusa line.
Sevengarden is nearst guesthouse from asakusa station 

When you get off the Asakusa line train, there is an exit guide like this in front of you.

If you come from Shinjuku, after you get off, head right.

Actually, the seven-garden is the closest to A6, but if you get off the Asakusa line you can not go to A6. So I will walk toward the A3 exit. (If you can go to A6 using GINZA line , sevengarden is very near from asakusa station exit6. in a 2min)

Asakusa line Heading for Exit A3. As you can see in this picture, I left the ticket gate and headed to the left.

Let's move to the right as you get up the stairs.

Go straight ahead..

Then , you will see big intersection.

You can see a big intersection by walking straight.
People of rickshaw are sometimes fluffy here.


Although I can see many roads, I will go to the left road of Tobu Railroad.

When you see this liquor store, you turn to the next small road to the left.

If you can see such a stylish cafe it is opposite Asakusa Guest House Seven Garden.

Sevengarden is very near asakusa station guesthouse.
You will find easily.

Enjoy Asakusa

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