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【Lodge Akaishi 】japanese western food restaurant | night food

Lodge Akaishi is "japanese western food" restauran

It's difficult to find good Late night food in asakusa

We introduce this restaurant , If you stay asakusa , you will go out at night.

At that time , this restaurant is convenient

and This night food restaurant is always chosen as ranking

Japanese western food ranking always choose Loge Akaishi

If we take night food into consideration ,Lodge Akaishi is the best!

Now...night has come...Let's go Lodge Akaishi!


The inside of the shop seems to be in Japan in Showa.

Such cafe is said to be KISSATEN and it is recognized as a symbol of a good old age. The interior is very nice.

It is an atmosphere that fits Asakusa very much at night.


menu is like this !

The reason for introducing this shop as night food is that there are relatively few people at night. Since day trip tourists will return, you can enjoy the calm space.

night food

This is Napolitan. It is named Napoli, but it is the name of Western Japanese food from Showa era. It is tomato sauce based pasta.

Shrimp Katsu sandwich is a wonderful Japanese western cuisine with a big shrimp and cabbage.

You can see that the shrimp is big.

The late night snack is delicious. Since Asakusa has few restaurants open at night, this shop is recommended.

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