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Let's eat affordable Aakusa Ramen! | night food near sevengarden asakusa guest house

This is the best ramen shop in asakusa

1. It's very near by station . and It's very near by guest house sevengarden!

staffs always eat there.

today , I will show you the best ramen in asakusa!

this ramen-shop open untill midnight! night food!

Asakusa's night is early.

but this ramen-shop open untill midnight.

this is the reason why We recommend!

ramen is always cheap! and affordable!

every menu are less than 1000Yen.

Low price help me

The name of ramen shop is ..YUKIKAGE

Rich soup made by chicken cooked for a long time

There are Tanrei-Ramen and Rich-Flavor-Ramen, and Tsukemen-noodles, but highly recommended is rich-noodles(noukou ramen).

Pig and cattle ingredients are eliminated from all raw materials. It is different from other stores where we are making chicken only. It is "chicken white ramen" of rich chicken and noodles that is gourmet even though you are satisfied. Please enjoy a rich thick white soup filled with plenty of umami and collagen prepared by thoroughly simmering natural ingredients such as chicken and vegetables.

Let's enter the shop!

asakusa night food1


How to buy it

asakusa night food2


You will purchase it with a vending machine. Put the money and push the button. Let's call a store clerk. And please give me "rich noodles (noukou-ramen)". Let's say. That's all you do. You can eat very tasty ramen just by that.

Inside is like this

asakusa night food3


It is a typical Izakaya style in Japan.Sevengarden's staffs like this style.

Now..23:00pm Asakusa..night food has come


Decided to be the most delicious ramen in Asakusa!

asakusa night food

This is tanrei-ramen(light-ramen).
but I strongly recommend noukou-ramen(rich-ramen).

asakusa night food

This is Tuke-men.
This is not same style for ra-men.


As for Tsukemen, noodles and soup are separated like Zaru soba, Chinese noodle which pickles noodles in soup before eating.

When eating at a shop, the amount of noodles is relatively large compared to ramen even in the same level, and the price is often increased to about +100 yen. Also, although it varies depending on the shop, it tends to be thought that there are few kinds of items compared to ramen, but actually it sinks in the soup or it does not change so much.

But I absolutely recommend Ramen instead of Tsukemen noodles.

Yukikage ramen shop

Every ramen are less than 1000Yen , very cheap.

It's very near by Asakusa guest house sevengarden

We are strongly recommend here.

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