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night bar asakusa | near by asakusa guest house sevengarden

Garally ef is late night bar near by sevengarden

late night food and drink

You can drink at the bar after the last train. This is the privilege of the people who are staying at the Asakusa guesthouse.

Gallery EF


Gallery F is an art space created by artists that was built in the land of Asakusa during the Edo era, which the artists reproduced the Kanto Great Earthquake and the Tokyo Air Raid survived. In 1997 opened a cafe and a bar. It is used as a place of expression of artists from home and abroad.

We can look menu from outside

It is a small cafe of about 20 seats. Soil and straw walls, antique unified interior, stateless and organic shop. Just above Asakusa Subway Station, please spend a moment to forget the bustle.

Let's enter the shop

asakusa late bar

In shop , There are a lot of cat photo and interior like cat

Cats in this shop were protected by the staff and the staff were loved by everyone as a staff of Gallery F, for a long time.

In Asakusa late at night, the famous shops will go down. In such a place it is a shop loved by both Japanese and tourists.

asakusa night bar3


We also have snacks that you want to eat at night.

asakusa late night bar


This shop is 5min from asakusa guest house sevengarden

We recommend here! Please drink at late night

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