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have you ever eaten puffer finish in asakusa |boil puffer fish in a pan

Have you ever eaten pufferfish in asakusa ?

Let's eat japanese traditional high-class food Once in a while

Today I introduce restaurant called "Takatori Onoya"

This restaurant belong KAPPOU restaurant

KAPPOU is a restaurant of authentic Japanese cuisine, kaiseki and kaiseki cuisine.

There is a kitchen in the store, the hight-class chef cooks and serves dishes.

You can eat in a vibrant atmosphere that you can see how the cook cooks through the counter or talk with the cook.

Originally very high class food, But You can eat KAPPOU affordably.

asakusa Takatori Onoya is famous restaurant in asakusa

here is near by kaminarimon

Let's enter


inside is like this

Everything is Japanese traditional cuisine.

This is OTOUSHI. In Japanese night-restaurant, OTOUSHI fee will be billed, even if you do not usually order anything. This also means "I will accept your order". However, tourists do not care about such culture, it is better to recognize that as a "seat fee". As for OTOUSHI, troubles are also frequent because money is automatically taken. But in almost all Japanese-night-restaurant this money will cost.

OTOUSHI is often "bean sprout" or "very easy food". But this shop also makes OTOUSHI considerably with commitment.

Today we have pufferfish sashimi, liver of ankou and boil pufferfinish in a pan and Cod whitefish.

This is liver of ankou


This is Cod whitefish


Originally it is high-class but can be eaten cheap and affordable

And this sashimi of pufferfinish


boil pufferfinish in a pan


I will cook this in hot water boiling. And I will take the soup of the swine. This is very expensive, but this shop is cheap.


After boil pufferfish in a pan , extracting pufferfish rich soup flavor by boiling

There is poison in the liver of pufferfish, and We have to be careful and cook well. It has been said that "I want to eat because I can die" from long ago. That's about tasty food.


pufferfish is low-fat, low-calorie, high-protein fish. There is only 0.3% lipid in your body, you can supplement high-quality protein while suppressing lipid.

ofcause pufferfish is fish , but soup is like pork or chicken. That is one of interest for pufferfish.

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