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Ideal for a break! Nakamise Street west side

Hi I'm mukai ! I'm asakusa guest house "sevengarden"'s staff.

Today , I introduce cheap and affordable shops near sensou-ji.

Nakamise Street connecting Kaminarimon and Asakusa Temple is always flowrishing with lots of people.

However, let's go to the side road when you gets tired of the crowd for a moment.




Then you will reach the alley surrounded by red walls.

There are also candy stores and specialty shops here, and you can see the shop more slowly than Nakamise street.



Along the Nakamise Street, there is a alley on the east side and the west side respectively.

This time we will introduce the west side!


Let's go from Kaminarimon side.




Just behind the famous AZUMA with rice cake called "kibidango". Cutlery is displayed in the show window.

Scissors and grater used for cutting wood and plants, kitchen knife and so on.

This is a long-established Knife shop since 1873



It is too big to protrude, but the kitchen knife on the upper left of the photo is very big.

I want you to see the real thing. I don't know what to use for what, but it is cool.

When I visited, from the inside, I heard the sound of hitting the metal. Is it actually being reworked here?






Opposite Kaneho is cultured, cool, There is a appearance of a store.

瓦屋根 and ”扇” the curtain written with one character, goodwill in which the shop name is written. It is good.

This is a specialty shop which manufactures and sells fans which are currently continuing for 4 generations.



There were gorgeous folding fan on the shop front and show windows.

Very brilliant.

If you want a real souvenir made by a craftsman, please come and enter the shop.






There was such a fancy coffee shop, thinking that there are only shops like japanese taste

It seems that we can also buy coffee beans and drink in the cafe space inside the store.

Looking at the menu, there were also some cakes that could fit coffee.

We also buy cappuccino soft cream with takeout. There are 2 chairs, so it seems that We can take a break.






Located in the corner of the back street, it is a popular Japanese sweet shop in 1854.



Here is another shop where you can take away and eat in the shop.

Inside the store seems to be able to eat various kinds of japanese honey sweets. It looks delicious.



When taking home, there are plenty of kinds of Japanese sweets using bean paste, such as kintuba, rice balls, dorayaki, and sheepskin.



As there are many small packages, you can buy only one kind of things you care about like this one.

I'm looking forward to eating.





■大丸衣装店(Daimaru Ishou ten)

You can see the character of a dance costume, Kagura costume specialty store.

Kagura is a dance performed at the time of festivals of Japanese gods.

This is a special shop that will make costumes to wear at Japanese festival, Kagura time.

It is said that they are also making famous festivals of Asakusa costumes of three company festivals.



Outside the shop selling souvenirs, such as socks, wrapping cloth and key holders.

Because there are lots of Japanese style patterns, it is recommended.






Even Nakamise Street, there is a famous kibidango shop,

There are shops selling freshly kibidango made here.



Personally, this is relaxed and eaten, and the amount of rice cake is a little big, so it is recommended.



Apart from kibidango, rice crackers, shaved ice, juice etc are on sale

It seems that you can get out of Nakamise-street and get a break.





This time, we introduced 6 stores, but there were still other shops such as KAMAMECHI shop and pudding shops.


It was convenient as I watched Japanese-style authentic souvenirs, enjoyed the atmosphere of the alley surrounded by red walls,

and when I took a break from Nakamise Street.

Please stop at when you go to Nakamise-street.


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