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Kamameshi restaurant

Good evening everyone!

Today I’m going to introduce a very famous and popular and cheap affordable KAMAMESHI(釜めし) restaurant in Asakusa.


The restaurant name is  “釜めし 春 (Kamameshi Haru)” .

“Haru” means spring in Japanese.

Haru is an old restaurant started in 1926 and has been offering fantastic Kamameshi over the decades.

I bet you can enjoy authentic taste in Haru!


Before introducing Haru, do you know what is Kamameshi? Or have you ever had it?

Kamameshi is one of Japanese traditional dishes, which is cooked and served in an iron pot called “Kama”.

Rice and other ingredients (usually chicken, fish, vegetables, mushrooms, etc.) in it and the harmony of them is really nice…….sounds awesome!

you must eat this Asakusa food KAMAMESHI.

Haru is said to be the first restaurant who started serving Kamameshi in Japan.


Haru is located near Asakusa stations, about 6-7 minutes’ walk from all lines.

This time we went there from Tokyo metro Ginza-sen station.

If you go to there from asakusa guest house sevengarden , It takes 7min or so.

Here is the directions to Haru!

asakusa guest house sevengarden cheap affordable food


1.Go through the main road called Kaminarimon street.

asausa guest house must eat this kamameshi


2.Turn right into a side street at this corner.


3.About 1 minute walk.That’s it! Haru is on your left side.



We were lucky girls because there was no line outside the restaurant!

Haru is so popular that sometimes you need to wait in a line for a while.

Let’s go inside!


We were lead into a table seat in 2nd floor. Haru has 3 floors and also has tatami seats.

The atmosphere in the restaurant is very nice,kind of good-old atmosphere.


Nice staff served Japanese tea for us.

While drinking tea, let’s choose the menu.

The menu is like this…

You can eat not only Kamameshi but Tempura, Nabe and other Japanese foods!


What we ordered were...

“ Tai Kamameshi (Sea bream kamameshi)”


“Tokujyo Kamameshi(Super deluxe kamameshi)”.

You know time passes slowly at this kind of time…(I can’t wait!)


Here comes the foods!! XD


slowly opened...



↑Tai Kamameshi (Sea bream kamameshi).



↑Tokujyo Kamameshi(Super deluxe kamameshi)



Now all set!  Itadakimasu!!!!!!!!!!!



I love it!!!

you must eat!!


Here is a quick report just for you ;)

Tai Kamameshi (Sea bream kamameshi) :

Only contains rice, sea bream, mushrooms and trefoil leaves. You can experience the original taste of sea bream. Very simple but definitely worth eating.

Tokujyo Kamameshi(super deluxe kamameshi) :

Rice, chicken, shrimps, crab, scallop, mushrooms, bamboo shoot, salmon roe and trefoil leaves are in it. Beautiful food presentation whets your appetite. You can enjoy various tastes.


We also ordered soup of Sea bream.


Thick sliced sea bream was in it.

This clear and tasty soup made us so happy ;)



several tens of minutes later....




All dishes were delicious and not so expensive (please see the menu photos for prices).

We really enjoyed Haru’s Kamameshi and the atmosphere as well.


I think I will come again soon!

You must go to Haru and eat Kamameshi when you come to Asakusa!

See you next time!

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