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If you would like to enjoy traditional Japanese gardens in Asakusa, Legendary Garden called Denpoin Garden

About Denpouin Garden asakusa

Asakusa guest house sevengarden staffs introduce Denpouin gardne!

In Asakusa Temple there are several buildings such as Kaminari Gate, Takaragura gate, Five Standing Pagoda, Asakusa Shrine and so on.
This time, I would like to go to the Denpouin Garden, one of them, in the Linguin Hospital!

The Denpouin Yuan is the place where you can give precious gifts at Sensoji Temple and a ceremonial festival of Buddhism.

This garden in the Denpouin Yuan is designated as a national designated scenic spot.
The national designated scenic spots are the land which the country decided, the landscape is particularly good, Kinkakuji in Kyoto, Ginkakuji, Ryoanji also seem to have received this designation.


Denpouin Garden is open for a limited period.

Depending on the year, from March until early May, it will be a garden that will only be open to the public for about two months of spring.

If the time of visiting Asakusa is true, You are very lucky.
Let's go!




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When Denpouin garden is opening , you can look sign.


By the way, DenpouinYuan Garden is located on the southwestern side of Asakusa Temple.


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When I left Kaminarimon, after going through Nakamise Street, I could see a sign on the left hand side.
And ..actually , here is near by Asakusa guest house sevengarden !


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In addition, I will keep pushing forward.
Although I am a little uneasy during construction…



Arrive at the entrance!

The fee of the visit is 300 yen.

It's very cheap and affordable


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Go through the gate and walk for a while, you will reach the garden surrounded by greenery.

There are gardens and buildings around the pond.
Currently, it is sad that the five-storied pagoda is under renovation and there is only a square box ...


Unfortunately, like a pamphlet,
there were no five-storied pagodas and cherry blossoms were still blooming when visited.


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However, even though it cuts anywhere, it is a beautiful garden and building.

It's be perfect for a picture


It is not a solid artificial garden,
but a garden in which the hand of a person enters to the extent not to reasonably claim it. It seems like it came to a traditional garden in Kyoto…

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The interior of the building is also cool.



There was a bench to look at the garden vaguely.



There are flowers that made old trees flowerpots aside.

There are hospitality in various places.



Asakusa is characterized by lively and lively
You can quietly see the beautiful gardens in Japan with such a great place.

It is a garden in the form of a "migrant garden" so you can walk around the pond.


On the way, crossing a small bridge made of stone,
There is a small waterfall with water and there is a small hill.



The walking distance is short,

Depending on the location, it is very interesting that the landscape comes differently.

Let's not to fall into the pond!

By the way, because the foot is paved with stone, there are steps, but it is easy to walk.



Then, across the pond, just go to the other side of the building,
you will see the sky tree through the building!


Speaking of Asakusa Temple, I think that the image of being lively and vibrant is strong,
but there are also such beautiful gardens on the same premises.


If the time of visiting Asakusa matches, please come and watch it!
In a short time, you will feel relaxed like you came to a traditional temple in Kyoto.


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