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You can eat Aomori ramen near by sevengarden asakusa guest house

You can eat Aomori ramen near by sevengarden asakusa guest house

Ramen is culture for japanese , There are a lot of ramen shop in asakusa

We introduce ramen shop near sevengarden guset house

That shop is in Kannon road that we introduce before.

They are called Tushima ramen shop!

When you go out seven-garden , please go to right side.

and Please turn left end of the street , you just go straight that road.

You can reach this ramen shop for 1min from seven garden asakusa guest house.


Appearace is like that. 

This japanese words mean "This is dried sardine ramen shop from Aomori prefecture".
Dried sardine ramen is trend for Tokyo ramen since 2014.

Some people don't like dried sardine ramen ,but asakusa guesthouse's sevengarden staffs like that , this ramen has rich fragrance

And Aomori prefecture is famous for seafood.
This ramen made from rich anchovy from aomori.
That sounds good!

Oh...I don't know why but .. This advertisement shows opening from 11:30-14:30.

This is lunch time hour.
This ramen shop open untill midnight

How do you buy that

Please, pay at the vending machine.
We recoomend the upper left button. That is basic and traditional taste.

Good apearance.
This is japanese basic ramen shop.

These are menu .

Bottled beer
rice ball
Miso rice ball
Korean style mentaiko rice
Mentaiko rice


This is ramen made from Aomori prefecture! you can eat this in asakusa near by sevengarden guest house!

little thick noodles , refined dried sardine taste , japanese basic traditional style.

Very good , We recommend this restaurant.
Please enjoy asakusa!

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