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Negima nabe in Ichimon - Tuna in hot-pot

Have you ever eaten “tuna in hot-pot”?

I think most of you, even if you are Japanese, have never had it or have never heard it.

I went to “Ichimon (一文)” in Asakusa last night and discovered totally new tuna dish.

The dish name is “Negima Nabe (ねぎま鍋)”.  Tuna lover must try this!


As you know or as you imagine, we often eat tuna raw as Sashimi and Sushi.

But here in Ichimon, you can eat tuna in hot-pot called Negima Nabe.

“Negi (ねぎ)” is green onion in Japanese and “ma (ま)” is the first character of  “まぐろ” which means tuna in Japanese.


The origin of Negima nabe goes back to Edo-era.

At that time, people usually ate lean tuna because fatty tuna was not suitable to keep fresh. Therefore, unfortunately most fatty tuna was discarded.

(Oh my god!!!!!! I really like fatty tuna…Mottainai!)


People created a new way of eating tuna so that fatty tuna won’t be discarded anymore.

This is how Negima nabe was born.

(I genuinely appreciate the originator of Negima nabe.)

Ichimon is one of the very famous restaurant where you can eat Negima nabe.



Without further ado, I will show you my first experience in Ichimon!

Ichimon is located near Asakusa station -Tsukuba Express line.

About 3 minutes’ walk will take you to Ichimon and it’s very easy to get there.

Please see the following direction!



The building was built 65 years ago and was originally used as Japanese inn.

The appearance and the atmosphere are so nice both inside and outside.


Let' get inside!


The inside is like this. How good-old....



Nice interior.



I found a rare item “Tabaco bon”.

In the past, Tabaco bon was literally used by smokers to smoke.

People don’t use this anymore today.


I also found a small water wheel inside the restaurant!!


How about the menu?

Let’s see, interesting!

The price is all printed in “mon (文)” unit instead of “yen (円)”.

Mon is Japanese old unit of money.

I see, this is why the restaurant name is “Ichimon (一文)”.

1 Mon is equivalent to 100 yen in this system.

So if you order 6 mon dish, it costs you 600 yen.






So many Japanese Sake!

You can try many kinds of Japanese sake from all around Japan.

Be careful not to get drunk ;)



We ordered japanese sake made in Tokyo.

The name is "Asakusa". (Yes, we here in Asakusa!!!!)

After we ordered sake, staff brought some sake cups for us and we chose our favorite cup each.

It is really a good service, isn’t it!?


Cheers for "Asakusa" with "Asakusa" !



Here is Otoshi (お通し).

Otoshi is a small appetizer and is served to every customer even if you don’t order.

It’s kind of cover charge and automatically cost.

The left side is kind of seaweed and the right side is a part of whale with miso sauce.

(I’m sorry I fogot which part of whale it is…).


Before ordering main dish “Negima nabe”, we ordered “Mizudako no usuzukuri (水たこの薄造り)”, which is sashimi of octopus.

I hear some foreigners don’t eat octopus, but you should try if you are interested.

It’s really nice.


We also ordered “cabbage and edo-vegetables (キャベツと江戸野菜)”.

Colorful vegetables were served with miso sauce and rock salt.

Edo-vegetables are vegetables which have been traditionally grown around Tokyo (Edo) area.


How to use rock salt?

Just put vegetables on rock salt like this and salinize them…interesting!



After enjoying appetizers, finally we ordered Negima nabe.



To enjoy our first commemorable Negima nabe perfectly, we followed recipe faithfully and completely!


1. Put shiitake mushrooms and green onion first and boil them up.


2. Put other vegetables, tofu and enoki mushrooms and boil them up.


3. Put Fatty tuna and boil them for about 2 – 3 minutes.


4. (Thank everything and say Itadakimasu.)



Delicious!!!!!! I like eating hot-pot with meat, but this tuna also tastes good!

It’s like meat, but more simple taste and seems healthy.

The soup looks strong but it’s not too rich and not too light.

Stewed vegetables were nice as well.

In addition, Japanese sake "Asakusa" really goes well Negima nabe.


......It didn’t take too much before we finished our dinner.

Gochisousamadesita :)


Today I discovered a new way of enjoying tuna in Asakusa.

I think Negima nabe is good for those who cannot eat tuna raw.

Of course, it’s good for tuna lover as well because this dish will provide you a different way of enjoying tuna.


The restaurant Ichimon was really impressive for me

in terms of its foods and the restaurant itself (appearance, atmosphere, interior, service, etc).

I definitely recommend you to go to Ichimon and try Negima nabe with Japanese sake!


See you next time!

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