2017/05/06 asakusa-traditional-japanese-shopping-area-and-market
Getting on the rikisha(人力車) which has been on my mind. -Part1-

We often see "rikisha(人力車)"  while sightseeing around Asakusa.

As the name suggests, rikisha is a vehicle that is run by human power.

I think you sometimes see rikisha in tourist spots.

Today I will share my impression of getting on the rikisha and some pictures with you!

Let's get on the rikisha after received guidance by a rikisha boy (sometimes rikisha girl) who are inviting us to rikisha around Kaminarimon.


This time we chose "飛田屋 (Hidaya)". Its skyblue happi coat is so nice!

There are some companies offering rikisha service, and a rikisha course, its charge and a happi coat of rikisha boy is different between those companies.

I think it's intersting to have a look at rikisha's back because there is a company name on it. 

Well, this time we enjoyed 60 minutes Asakusa tour corse(60分浅草周遊コース)

This course starts at Kaminarimon and goes from east to west around Asakusa. 

The course brings you to Asakusa lively spots, such as Sumidagawa(隅田川) riverside, Asakusa shrine, Nitenmon(二天門), Hisago street and Denpoin street.

Now I will invite you according to discription by rikisha boy, and some photos I took.

FYI, during G.W., actually we went in G.W, is the most crowded season. 

Comfortable breeze when rikisha speeding!

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