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Getting on the rikisha(人力車) which has been on my mind. -Part3-

This is a rikisha report part 3.


This time I show you west side of Asakusa, around Senso-ji!


■Hisago street (ひさご通り)

There are some such as costumier of Sanja festival, traditional crafts shop which sells kumade, and so on.

Hisago street is nice place which has quaint shops and atmosphere itself.






Rikisha is classified as the same light vehicle as bycicle.

Therefore rikisha is able to go through narrow street like this.


■Hoppy street (ホッピー通り)

When we visited hoppy street, although it was 2 o'clock at noon, there were so many people drinking there.

Hoppy street is said to be a model of the street stalls in the film "Sen to Chihiro no kamikakushi" at which Chihiro's mother and father became pigs. (and also Jiufen inTaiwan and Dogo-onsen in Ehime prefecture is a model of the film)


At this street, the consumption of Hoppy is highest in Japan and now many people come to this street after the street name changed.

Very lively.




■Rokku broadway street(六区ブロードウェイ通り)

Here was the busiest street in Japan about 70 years ago.

It corresponds to "Shinjuku" and "Shibuya" at present.

This street was the center of entertainment where young peole gathered from all around Japan.

There are sill cinema, strip theater and entertainment hall, and there remind us of those old days.

Recently around is being developed and people there have mixed feelings about it.




We took a photo like this!

Rikisha itself is made in Hida Takayama and  it costs you 2 million yen per 1 one rilisha.

This is why riding was so comfortable!


Thank you very much rikisha boy!

Basically Asakusa is crowded place and you need to push through the crowd while sightseeing.

I think that is fun like a festival, but sometimes it wears you out.

Rikisha is really useful at such time.


It's like you hire a guide, 

and you can ask questions and also ask them to take photos of yourself.

In addition, you can go around famous places in Asakusa with explanations in a short time,

you will be able to learn many things about Asakusa and enjoy the places rather than you walk around by yourself.

I recommend that you get on a rikisha at first, when you come to Asakusa.

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