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Omikuji by asakusa sevengarden

What is Omikuji?

Let 's get Omikuji when staying in Asakusa.

Omikuji is fortune telling.
In the past, it was said that it is the origins of Omikuji, because it was decided by God 's intention to engage in the ceremonies in the past.

Please do Omikji when you come to Asakusa's Asakusa Temple.

I put 100 yen like this.

(Actually , You can do without money, but you have to put in)

After that, You catch the big bottole and shake .
Then you can get number like this.

You have to look for number , and open drawer.

It is like this. Luck is like this, "凶" is the worst.
There are Shoukichi and kichi, chukichi, Daikichi etc...
If you get Daikichi , You are very lucky .

Let's have the staff of Omikuji translate the Omikuji result when staying at the Seven Garden Finally, Omikujji binds here.

I took a way to tie up I think it will be understood.
Please look movie above , I show how to tie.

We may not have such a thing on tour, so please have Omikuji as a special experience.

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