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Marugoto Nippon ! -souvenir/local specialty shop & restaurant in Asakusa- part2

Hi Everyone!

In my last blog Marugoto Nippon –part1-, I introduced 4 shops (Sasada Kamaboko Ten, Gotuo, Ume Biyori and Yon nana mall).

Today is the part 2. I will introduce 5 shops! (souvenir, local specialty, gelato...and a supermarket)

Let’s go!



*1* Kanjyukuya (完熟屋) from Ehime


Kanjyukuya specializes in honey.

There are many types of honey and you can taste some types in the shop.



The shop is selling not only honey but also other honey related products such as honey wine, honey dressing, and honey soap.



This is a beehive. I saw this up close for the first time.

This was not expected and I was very excited.



Come and enjoy your honey life in Kanjyukuya!



*2* fruveseel (フルベジール)

This shop sells dried fruits and vegetables.  


How colourful and beautiful!!!!

Very nice displayed, isn’t it?


Dried fruits area.


Dried vegetables area.




*3* Smile and Sweets

We ate delicious gelato in this shop.


Wow, so many flavours!!


I chose “sakura” & “yomogi” & “mochimugi” flavours.

Yomogi is mugwort. We usually eat mugwort as kusamochi in Japan.

Mochimugi is sweet barley.

I was so happy because this was my first time to eat yomogi & mochimugi gelato!


This is “pumpkin” & “jyabara”.

Jyabara is one of the Japanese citrus fruits and has very light taste.


Wonderful!! I want to try all flavours!


We found very interesting tap here!

By turning this tap on, you can get orange juice.

What a nice service!



*4* Asakusa farm (浅草農園)

As the shop name suggests, Asakusa farm sells vegetables and seasonings and other foodstuffs.


I think this shop is good for people who like cooking.




*5* KURA (蔵)

KURA is kind of super market selling various foodstuffs, beer, wine and Japanese sake.


This shop is good for who like cooking as well as Asakusa Farm.




This shop sells Nama-zake by weight.

You can buy Sake as much as you want XD

Nama-zake is Japanese sake which is not pasteurized after produced and you can enjoy fresh flavour and taste totally different from common Japanese sake.






I recommend that you go and see for yourself !

I introduced only 1st floor of Marugoto Nippon through my blog part 1 & 2.

But there is still a lot of interesting and exciting things there!  

I want to introduce the rest of floors sometime soon, but I recommend that you go and see for yourself anyway!


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