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Three things, what you do on a rainy day at Asakusa. By Aakusa Guest House SEVENGARDEN

Hi, I'm Taishi. I am working at Asakusa Guest House SEVENGARDEN for a staff.

Today, I introduce you a special Asakusa tour for a rainy day. There are a lot of things to do, if it is rain.


Three things, You Must to Do at Asakusa on a rainy day.


Walk Down Kannon Street

Kannon street is near by Asakusa sensoji temple. The next street of Kaminari Mon Gate. 

As you see the picture, this street is a roofed shopping arcade, so you will not get wet with rain.

There are many Japanese Traditional souvenir shops on Kannon street. 


This is Konpeito candy. 

Konpeito candy is one of the famous sweets in Japan. Each candies are made by suger. A piece of Konpeito candy is very tiny, and looks very cute. 

Most of souvenir shop at Kannon street sells Konpeito candy, and each shop has diiferent shaped and colored Konpeito candy. 



Walk down Shin-Nakamise Market Street.

When you walk down Kannon street, you will find Shin-Nakamise market street. Shin-Nakamise market street is wider and longer than Kannon street.

There are also many souvenir shops and traditional food shops at Shin-Nakamise market street.


This is Traditional ornament shops, at Asakusa Shin-Nakamise market street. Most of shops has a staff, who can speak English for foreigner tourist. So, you don't have to care when you need information about each traditional ornament, just asking staff of souvenir shop. 


When you walk down Shin-Nakamise market street, you should buy Taiyaki.

This is Taiyaki.

Tai(鯛) is a fish ( red snapper).

Taiyaki looks like red snapper, but taste is not like red snapper.

Taiyaki is one of famous and traditional Japanese sweets made from sweet beans covered with cakes. Some Taiyaki shop has original taste which is custerd, chocolate, greentea, sweet potato and so on. 

You can find many Taiyaki shop at Shin-Nakamise market street, so you should buy and eat with walking down this street.


Get Some Rest at Hot Spring at Asakusa.

Most people who visited Japan wants to go to Hot Spring. Asakusa has a big Hot Spring place called Matsuri-yu.

Matsuri-yu is located at Asakusa ROX, west side of Shin-Nakamse market street. 

It costs 2,365 yen for oe person, and they served towels, soaps, shampoos and indoor clothes. So you don't have to bring anything for taking shower and hot springs. 

They have 11 types of hot springs. 

Matsuri-yu also has Japanese food restaurant. So, after taking hot springs, you can drink beer and traditional Japanese food for diner. 


I recommend to go for a walk with sightseeing on a rainy day at Asakusa.

I introduced my original tour of Asakusa sightseeing, on a rainy day.

Buy some souvenir and eat Taiyaki makes you feel better, even it is rainy day. If you feel tired, you should go to Matsuriyu for getting some rest. 

There is many interesting and exciting things there!  

I want to introduce more information of Asakusa, but I recommend that you go and see for yourself anyway!


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