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the nearest guest house by asakusa station sevengarden's story introducing asakusa

Hello everyone
It is yama, the nearest guest house from the station, Seven Garden.


Asakusa is one of the most popular cities for both Japanese and tourists.
When You go to Asakusa even Japanese, They are excited from the night before yesterday,
"What kind of fun is there!" "What to do and have fun!"
Actually, the atmosphere is quite different from Asakusa compared with other towns in Tokyo (Shibuya, Ginza, Shinjuku, Roppongi, Harajuku, Akihabara)
Asakusa is a city that has a unique atmosphere.

So, what kind of city is Asakusa this time? I will introduce along with reason why Asakusa is a fun city.

First you can see the temples and temples

Speaking of Asakusa is still a temple shrine and temple representative of "Kaminarimon" and "Sensoji temple".

If you are going to see historical temples and shrines and temples,
you would like to keep going to the site about the history and background of each and the original Japanese culture.

It is the appearance of a rickshaw that runs through the roadway as the tourist who arrives in Asakusa first takes his eye out.

A rickshaw is a two-seater car that people run by pulling. In Asakusa it is a staple to ride a sightseeing by rickshaw and you can see the appearance of a rickshaw everywhere in town.

I can feel that the whole city is a landscape symbolizing Japan, I came to Japan

Temple shrines and temples, rickshaws, Japanese cuisine, Japanese sweets, ryokan, etc.

The culture of buildings and foods that have been passed down from old days in Japan is still alive now.

And none of them is a unique style not found in other countries, so that people who visit Japan can experience it.


Also, an interesting culture born within the past 100 years is also attractive.

Accommodation is full of charm, too.

There are various hostels, guest houses, inns etc.

The Asakusa Guesthouse, Seven Garden is the nearest guest house from the station.
If you want to search some guest house near asakusa station  , you can find this site.
This site also can be seen guest house near by asakusa station 

Our guest house sevengarden opened lastest , so only this HP can look our guest house.
Recently , airbnb start asakusa room .
airbnb also can be seen room near by asakusa station .

These site is convinience. 
But we think  guesthouses that really meet the staff friendly is only guest house sevengarden asakusa!

Staffs such as delicious shops and cultural stories will investigate and tell.
It is characterized by the staff here friendly.

Here, Asakusa is a unique and affordable city where you can taste old and new Japanese culture at the same time.

When staying in Asakusa, it is close from the station so please stay at the Guest House Seven Garden by all means.

We provide unique information.

If you stayed at the Seven Garden,
This shop opposite is also recommended.

I explain some restaurant in front of the guest house sevengarden

When you go out our guesthouse , you can find some nice cafe restaurant

You can eat light food and coffee and tea

It's not so big restaurant , but Friendly and modern

If you come asakusa and stay our guest house sevengarden asakusa ,
Let's start your holiday from this cafe restaurant.

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