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asakusa tour introduce Imahan sukiyaki restaurant

Today I came to a shop in sukiyaki called "Imahan" of that legend in asakusa.

If you go to high-class restaurant, Imahan is the best

There are a main restaurant and an sub-restaurant,
Of course we have come to the main restaurant.

If you want to eat ranked heigher sukiyaki restaurant, firt of all you should go there !
IMAHAN is the best if you finally eat the finest dinner in the Asakusa personal tour.

About Imahan ...

Long-established sukiyaki specialty store founded in Nakamise Street in 1895 (Meiji 28).
There are four other companies in the city that use the name IMAHAN,
but all roots are said to be IMAHAN main restaurant.

Passing the finest Wagyu beefried and sucking chicken eggs with a little leanish state is superb.
Everyone strikes the mellow texture.
If you want to enjoy traditional taste at a reasonable price,
try adding raw egg(105 yen) to sukiyaki set(3,150 yen) with rice, Nameko bowl, and Shinkaku.

The appearance is like this.
It is amazing! It is! It is!

Although the half-head office was destroyed by the Great Kanto Earthquake,
the shop at that time is rebuilt in a luxurious building called IMAHAN GODEN.

IMAHAN comes from ...

At that time, there were plenty of stores using the word "IMA" at the shop that started the Sukiyakiya in the Meiji era.
This has the following meaning.

When the culture to eat beef is done now during the Meiji Godan period, cows came in besides the regular route so that any cow can be sold as it is brought to Tokyo.

It was a cow that died of illness, a cow that is senile and should not be eaten very much.
A cow meat factory certified by the government was in Imari Town .

So, They are using only beef from Imari Town . It is said that using the word "IMA(今)" of the word meaning "REAL" that was prevalent at that time.

Furthermore, when the name of the founder "HAN Taro" is "HAN", we have set the shop name "IMAHAN" from there.

Any way Let's eat!!

Guest house sevengarden staff Mukai eat that!

Ideal sukiyaki!
If I eat this, I can do my best this week for anything!

The sauce is a little sweet, sweet and salty. And it is a rich taste.

Traditional style is to put eggs on and eat.

like this

delicious!without explaining!!

This room is called a "pine room". All the interior was made of pine. The attention of details like this is also wonderful.


IMAHAN is about 5 minutes on foot from Seven Garden. It is also recommended for personal tours.

Sashimi etc until the main Sukiyaki come are also very tasty.


We recommend this high-class sukiyaki!
Enjoy asakusa! this is good personal Imahan tour!!

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