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What's snack bar | late night snack bar near by asakusa guest house sevengarden

Dope Asakusa never on the tour

Sevengarden staff yama introduce this dope asakusa late food and drinking area

This area is near by asakusa guest house sevengarden.
and you can go there untill late night.
If you go to asakusa as personal tour , I recommend you to go there.

Look this movie

Like this style bar , They are called "SNACK"

If you google , You cannot find these area.

It's really good japanese traditional style since shouwa era.

MAP of this dope drinking asakusa area .late food and drinking

When you click this link , you can look atmosphere of this small area.

google car cannnot go in this small area , so you just can look entrance of this area.
and this are is very near from senso-ji and guest house sevengarden!

Every one seems like enjoying!

This photo is afternoon. 
but basically , snack has  late night images.

In Japan, it is abbreviated as "snack" and generally refers to a drinking shop where women hospitality over the counter.
Often the person responsible for the store is a woman, the woman is called "mama".
Many shops are open until midnight. The main service is that customers enjoy talking with "moms", clerks or customers, or singing karaoke while customers talk about alcohol and snacks.

Alcohol and cuisine to serve are merely supplementary to it, and while expensive items such as brandy are available, cheap Kaoru shochu etc. are often provided in many different ways.

They open untill late.
So if you want to go some place that you can drink , Sevengarden staff recommend this area as special experience.

The SNACK's point of interest

At the SNACK, accounting becomes unclear when becoming familiar customer (laugh).
Even if it is obscure, it is not charged a high price, but rather a very cheap price is charged in reverse.
They say like "3000 yen for today's all".

And more than anything, attitude is attractive homey atmosphere as well.

Japanese mother's cooking provide with snacks, and my heart also warms up.

The age group of mothers, clerks, customers is high, and if you look many familiar customer, you may think that it is difficult to go in, If you dare to jump in, everyone will surely welcome you warmly.

If you complain about something you will be encouraged to reprimand and will be pleased together if there are nice things.

They are like familiy.
There are good old Japanese figures in the snacks.

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