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asakusa nisisandou syoutengai | It is not very well known but very good tourist spots in asakusa

Here is one of the best spot in asakusa near by asakusa guest house sevengarden

They are called asakusa nisisandou syoutengai.

Here is asakusa traditional japanese shopping area and market.It will be good tour for you.

Asakusa west entrance shopping street located in the west side of Asakusaji was reborn as a wooden path where you can feel warmth and started a new start.

The wood road of Japan's first shopping district has become a shopping district full of emotions wrapped in a soft atmosphere.

You can enjoy the scenery stuck to details, such as unifying the steps with the shops that are in close proximity to the color of the tree. In March 2013 the entrance of the entrance to Sensoji side was renovated to Kabuki-za style, and a shopping area with the theme of "festival" completed. There are huge festival illustration prints at the arcade, and there is also a mechanism to watch festival videos when holding a smartphone.

In the future, students who are studying languages ​​and shopping districts will coraborate and projects for foreigners to enjoy more shopping will also be started.

It will be entertaining tourists and visitors as more and more attractive shopping streets.
Here will be modan and traditional shopping street.

This is サニー. It s coffee shop

It's interesting .
this is coffee shop.
but They sale a lot of goods & accessories.
This cafe is famous in this street.

It is a nice atmosphere.
There were many signs of celebrities.
There seems to be a lot of fans ^ ^ menu.
It is quite conscientious ☆ There is also a beer.

And sevengarden staff recomend fried rice wrapped in an omelet!
Let's eat here!

asakusa kingyo きんぎょ(KINGYO)

It is a specialty store of "goldfish scoop" and "goldfish general merchandise".
A goldfish space where you can scoop goldfish all the year "Asakusa Kingyo".

It is an indoor type goldfish scoop.

You can scoop goldfish comfortably without worrying about rain, wind, cold and heat.

The aquarium of "Asakusa Kinbogo" is a domestically produced whole cypress.


Fukuchan's main boiled beef stew is prepared by combining stewed meat and Japanese style juice till it gently softens.
Sevengarden asakusa guest house staffs Tasted tofu.
It was the best in the coming cold season.

While I was eating with my friends, I saw how to buy stews in a takeaway pack and go home.
Certainly it may be impossible for families to taste the taste so far ...
That's good idea.

In the counter there are dishes of simmered dishes, all of which seem to be delicious

Cucumber bran pickles were also delicious.

Including set meals, it became overall reasonable price, it was a downtown-like shop.


asakusa fujigoromo

The clothing to wear when doing daily miscellaneous work is taken from the monk of Zen Buddhism served as a work clothes .

but now it is easy to wear without tightening the body .
It is not unique to monks, but as casual clothes and room wear, and as a stylish wear when going out a little, there are many people who are patronized.
In general we are wearing as comfortable room wearing.

You can but it ! here !

If you want this , please ask sevengarden guest house staff .
We can call them.

For japanese traditional and modan tour , here is very nice.

Let's check this street!

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