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Annual Major Events Calendar near by Asakusa Guest House SEVENGARDEN. (January - March)

Hi, I'm Taishi. I am working at Asakusa Guest House SEVENGARDEN for a staff.

Today, i introduce you some Events and Festivals schedule, held on January to March, calendar at Asakusa.




Hatsu Moude (初詣). -Japanese style of wishing new year -

Hatsu Moude (初詣) is the biggest cultural event of Japan. People goes to Buddest temple or Shrine for wishing them new year. 

At Asakusa Sensoji Temple, there are about 3milion people visiting and wishing them selves during January 1st to 3rd. 

If you come and visit on that time, you might see a different Asakusa Sensoji temple from the other days.


Daikon Matsuri(大根祭り)-radish festival-

Daikon(大根) means White radish in English. Daikon festival is held at Matsuchiyama Shoden Temple on every January 7th.

You might think "why white radish?" . Ancient people in Japan dedicated white radish for Matsuchiyama Shoden Temple. That custom have been going on for hundreds of years. 

There are thousands of white radish dedicated for a new year from everywhere of Japan. 

After a week of a new year's day, Matsuchiyama Shoden Temple serves cooked white radish for people visited.



Setsubun(節分)-the first day of spring-

February 3rd is the day of Setsubun. 

On this day, famous festival is held at Asakusa Sensoji Temple.  Setsubun is a cultural day of Japan. People throwing roasted soybeans to "Oni(鬼)", means devil in english, for wishing them health and luck of a year. 

Many famous Actor, Comedian and Athlete of Japan come to Sensoji Temple and throw roasted beans. About 10 thousand people come and see this festival, even if it is not the weekend. 



Kin Ryu no Mai(金龍の舞)-Golden Dragon Dance-

March 18th is the day of Kin Ryu no Mai(金龍の舞), Golden  Dragon Dance, is performed in Asakusa Sensoji Temple. 

This Goleden Dragon is 18meters long and it weights 88kg. This festival has been going on since 1958, when Asakusa Sensoji Temple was rebuilt. Asakusa Sensoji temple was burned out by World War II.  

This Golden Dragon is the symbol of Asakusa Sensoji Temple. According to legend, when budda building Asakusa Sensoji Temple, the Golden Dragon appear from the thousands of pine tree. 

They performed Golden Dragon Dance, three times on that day. 

This festival was held on every March 18th, at Asakusa Sensoji Temple. On the same day, there is a few festival is held  by some temples arround Asakusa Sensoji Temple.


I recommend to visit our guest house SEVENGARDEN near by Asakusa Sensoji Temple.

I introduced you some major festival at Asakusa. 

Most of festival is held on Asakusa Sensoji temple, near by our guest house SEVENGARDEN.

If you visit our guest house, we let you know the more information of festival and event arround our guest house. 

I will write more festival which is held on April to June, next time. 

And also I found a web contents which you can get more information about Asakusa Festivals. ASAKUSA GUIDE


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