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What is hoppy street in asakusa

Today is a rare Asakusa personal tour. I will introduce "Hoppy street".

Hi I'm yuya staff of sevengarden asakusa guest house!

today , I will explain Hoppy Street! It's great street for personal tour!


"Hoppy street" was once called "stewed street".
Because beer was a little expensive in old days, Hoppy became popular because it is cheaper than beer and can taste like beer!

It is becoming a drink to be ranked as a staple of popular people in downtown now!
Located on the street behind the current Asakusa Temple, "Stewed cow streak" and "Stew with stew" are different in taste by each shop, it is exciting way to enjoy a drink at a favorite shop with a Hoppy!

From Nakamise Street which is crowded with tourists, there are streets where shops of sightseeing shops such as souvenir shops line up as you go towards the international street about 100 meters from Legislated Street on a side street. Suddenly as you go there, it turns into townscapes like stall village.

This is what started to be called Hoppy Street. Because there was betting horse race near by here.
It was such a town where people who lost money for betting horse race drink a cup of hoppy and they pay small amount of fee , before They go home.
Most of the hoppy street drink shops have small kitchens and counters in the store, Most shops strongly forcibly extend the tent to the road and arrange long stalls there to make table seats.
It is because it is a drinking street on Hoppy Street which spread tents to public roads and forcibly expanding the seats. Still, at the weekend all stores will be packed full, and the tent is packed all day.

Recently, it seems to be known also abroad, and I see a lot of foreign tourists as well. Hoppy is a non-alcoholic drink made from malt and hop, and it mixed with shochu etc. to make it taste similar to beer.

Rather, it has less bitterness than beer, so it can be said that it is a recommended way to drink like beer. Hoppy has two kinds of white and black. This is the difference between black beer and normal beer in beer.

At first it is recommended to enter from white with little habit. Hoppy street was also called "stewed street" because stewed dishes are offered at each store.

A lot of originality stewed boiled rice is inferior to Asakusa specialty eel and tempura losing. Kimchi Pokka and Shime mackerel to eat here are the best. Kimchi Pokka is a stewed kimchi flavored pork belly, with sweet roses boiled so soft that it easily collapses with chopsticks, The rich soup is a delicious taste completely different from the kimchi pot you make at home.


Besides stewing, Hoppy street full of visceral cuisine. There are also "gut" and "Kobukuro" . "Gut" refers to a pig's stomach, "Kobukuro" is the uterus of a pig. It is a gem that you can taste because it is Hoppy Street where you can purchase fresh and quality hormones. Other menu items are also available in common taverns such as potatoes and yakitori. It is a bit cold in winter, but the stall drinking is a fun season from spring. Would you like to visit Asakusa Hoppy Street by all means when you are looking at cherry-blossom viewing or sky-tree sightseeing? Recently , Hoppy street overall closed closing time early, please note that most shops will be last order around 22:30.

If you take a walk in Asakusa, this hoppy-street remains in the impression.


If you only recommend one from this one, I will choose this shop.

Suzuyoshi Suzushi


A shop where you can drink barrel Hoppies.
There is Japanese style and spicy spicy boiled with boiled egg, please try both.
Yakitori and Hachinosu are also delicious.
They are cheap and affordable !
I'm recommending ice free for Tukuyo Hoppy!

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