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Annual Major Events Calendar near by Asakusa Guest House SEVENGARDEN (April- June)

Hi, I'm Taishi. I am working at Asakusa Guest House SEVENGARDEN for a staff.

Today, i introduce you some Events and Festivals schedule, held on April to June, calendar at Asakusa.



Busshoue(仏生会) -Buddha's birthday-

April 8th is the day of Buddha's birthday. For Japanese people, this day is not a holiday, most of Japanese doesn't celebrate, like christian people celebrate Christmas.

But, Asakusa Sensoji Temple is different. Many people come to visit and celebrate Buddha's birthday, even if April 8th is not Saturday and Sunday.

Around Asakusa Sensoji Temple, many shops and stores surves tea, snacks, and flower for the visiter and tourist.


Asakusa Yabusame(浅草流鏑馬)-Asakusa Horseback Archery-

Every 3rd Saturday in April, Asakusa Yabusame is held at Sumidagawa koen park.

Yabusame is a Japanese cultural art of shooting arrows on horsebackhorseback archery.Since Edo-era, People celebrate new year by Yabusame at Asakusa Shrine.

At this celemony, people who ride a horse are shooting target shaped like a deer by bow and arrows.

It is so excited and dynamic to see this event.


Naki Zumo(泣き相撲)-Crying Sumo Festival-

The last Saturday in April, Crying Sumo festival is held at Asakusa Sensoji Temple.

This Festival is 400 years old japanese tradition that believed to bring good health to the infants. More than 100 babies join this festival compete who is crying as fastest as they could.

Two Sumo wrestlers hold baby on his arm, beby see each others face. If one baby crying first, he or she won at that competition.

If you know more details of "Crying Sumo Festival", I reccomend this Article.
Is this the cruellest competition in the world? Sumo wrestlers try to make babies CRY at 400-year-old Japanese festival... but the terrified winner is crowned the healthiest.




Sanja Matsuri(三社祭)-Sanja Matsuri Festival-

The third full weekend in May, the Sanja Matsuri Festival is held at Asakusa district.

This Festival celerates the three founders of Asakusa Sensoji Temple, who are enshrined in Asakusa Shrine next door to the temple. About two million people visit Asakusa over this three days of the festival, making it one of Tokyo's most popular festivals.

The Sanja Matsuri features about one hundred portable shrines (mikoshi) are symbolically placed into and paraded about the streets to bring good fortune to the local businesses and residents. 

More details of Sanja Matsuri Festival.
Sanja Matsuri|Japan




There are not major Events and Festival. But...

On June, Major Events and Festivals are not held at Asakusa. However, there are many place to go for eating some Asakusa's traditon food and seeing many places such as Asakusa Sensoji Temple and so on. 

Threre are some Minor Events and Festivals are held every weekend at Asakusa.

If you want to more information about Asakusa, please read our SEVENGARDEN's Blog, you will find many tours.


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