2017/06/13 asakusa-walking-guide-and-asakusa-must-eat
akimitsu tendon | you must eat this asakusa meal!

This time, We will introduce Asakusa's super delicious rice bowl tendon!

We went to a famous popular tendon restaurant "Shimomachi Tennosaki Akimitsu" that won the gold prize in the Tendon Bowl division of the 2nd National Bowl of Grand Prix 2015!

Asakusa big boiled tendon! "Shimomachi Tenko Akimitsu (Akimitsu)" at the fifth generation of tendon! 
We must eat it.

Many foreigners visit Asakusa, one of Tokyo's famous tourist attractions.

As a result, there are many restaurants where foreign tourists can eat delicious Japanese memorable food.

From long-established stores to new stores, weak cookery. Here ,you can eat super superfighting district.

In the Asakusa Guesthouse Seven Garden staff 's thought,
The Japanese foods that foreign tourists eat in Asakusa are probably sukiyaki, sushi, tempura, ramen, okonomiyaki, bowl of rice and so on.

Although we may eat at other famous sightseeing spots, we should eat what we can only eat in Japan.


This time we will introduce a bowl of rice  which can only be eaten here. 
We must eat!

This is a famous popular shop that is talked about.

The name is "Shimoyama Tenko Akimitsu (Akimitsu)".
Founder In the Meiji era 22, Akimitsu Tanihara who worked at a long-established queue popular store "Ise Shop of the bank" and appeared 
the fifth generation opened a "Shimomachi Tenko Akimitsu (Akimitsu)" in March 2015.
This is famous stroy.

Super limited oversize bowl with 5 meals a day only! The commitment of ingredients to the stronghold using carefully selected materials of "Sea fish and vegetables such as anago · shrimp · oyster".
And if you put plenty of hidden secret using tatami mats of kombu and bonito, it will be completed! The total weight seems to be 2 kg!

Even if we share it, it is OK.
Seven Garden Staff ate at the same time, but it was the size that we could afford it if we are about 3 people.

And there are also regular sized bowls (1,400 yen) as affordable size, so it is okay if you miss the limited ten-don!

This is not only the size, we pursue the delicacy thoroughly.
It is the best delicious. It is a must eat shop.

This is a new shop opened in March 2015, but it is also a shop that introduces the taste of the japanese taste to overseas,  growing number of foreign tourists in recent years.

Well, the staple here is a rice-bowl (5,500 yen) of the fifth generation using seasonal ingredients,
After all it is "Fifth generation TENDON" that has a strong impact in the menu.

I am quite surprised to see pictures of the menu.
It's very expensive, this TENDON is 5,550 yen for discus.

However, from that volume I am satisfied that the price is reasonable.
Because it looks like a carnival!

When you look at the real thing, you cannnot say anything for strong appearance.

It's like a mountain. Huge heavyweight monster.
It seems to be the last monster of Dragon Quest.

As written in the menu "Shared OK!", We can share this big big tendon .

To that proof, when I ordered alone, Staff talked me  "this tendon is very big ,that's ok?"

I can not say  "Then I give up".
because This is only  "limited five TENDON".

I do not know who will challenge this rasubos after this. 
Let's wirte my experience on here.


I wonder if it takes quite a while? I thought, I came out earlier than I thought.

People around me also paied attention for me.

· Huge 2 Congers

Conger is very huge. 
Even the big shrimp looks like a small item.
Two of them lying on rice.


· too much rice
In order to break down this stronghold even a little, we have only to advance chopsticks.

We gradually broke the tempura surrounding the castle, and when the breakthrough was finally visible,
Beyond that ... .... It was huge rice ... .... People who have confidence in eating, please try trying once.


That's experience is not price .
Let's try it! We must eat!

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