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What is The Melonpan? You must eat Asakusa modern tradition food.

Have you ever had The Melonpan at Asakusa?

After visiting and praying at the Asakusa Sensoji temple, you will find many souvenir shop and traditional food shop.

Walking arround Asakusa Sensoji temple and Kaminarimon gate., There are many shop selling the Melonpan.

The Melonpan is type of sweet bread. 

Today, I introduce What Melonpan is, and some reccomend Melonpan shop at Asakusa.


What the Melonpan is?

The Melonpan "メロンパン" is mede by two words. "Melon" is fruit, as you know. "Pan" is the bread, as you know.

When I introduce about Melonpan, many tourist ask "tastes like Melon??"

It does not taste like Melon. It looks like Melon.

Melonpan is covered with hard and crispy cookie dough, and inside of Melonpan is type of white bread and very soft. 

Every Melon pan store arround Asakusa are surving their Melonpan just baked. So, it is fresh and warm. Once you put Melonpan into your mouth, your face will be amazing. 


Recommend Melonpan store

My favorite Melon pan store is "花月堂(Kagetsudo)"

Kagetsudo has few stores arround Asakusa.

Every time I visit Asakusa, buy a Melonpan from Asakusa and eat-in at this store. 

They also selling fresh milk. I recommend drinking milk when you eat the Melonpan at Kagetsudo. 

Their Malonpan is so huge, bigger than my hand, like a basket ball. 


There are Many Melon pan store arround Asakusa Sensoji temple except Kagetsudo.

If you stay Asakusa for few days, you must walk and find some Melonpan store, and find your own best Melonpan in the world!!


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