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As far as Asakusa is concerned, it is the city where we eat. We can eat in hundreds of yen. You can eat ice cream, rice crackers, rice cake and various things. We will introduce shops where you can eat near Asakusa guest house Seven Garden.

  • 13/04

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    Kamameshi restaurant

    Good evening everyone! Today I’m going to introduce a very famous and popular and cheap affordable KAMAMESHI(釜めし) restaurant in Asakusa.   The restaurant name is  “釜めし 春 (Kamameshi Haru)” . “Haru” means spring in Japanese. Haru is an old restaurant started in 1926 and has been offering fantastic Kamameshi over the decades. I bet you can enjoy authentic taste in Haru!   Before introducing Haru, do you know what is Kamameshi? Or have you ever had it? Kamameshi is one of Japanese traditional dishes, which is cooked and served in an iron pot called “Kama”. Rice and other ingredients (usually chicken, fish, vegetables, mushrooms, etc.) in it and the harmony of them is really nice…….sounds awesome! you must eat this Asakusa food KAMAMESHI. Haru is said to be the first restaurant who started serving Kamameshi in Japan.   Haru is located near Asakusa stations, about 6-7 minutes’ walk from all lines. This time we went t...

  • 12/03

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    Tatsumiya japanese restaurant near asakusa station | sevengarnden

    Near asakusa station | Tatsumiya | japanese restaurant Hello I'm Yamamoto from Seven Garden. When you google "restauirants near asakusa"  , There are los restaurant  ,but actually ,little far from station and just advertisement. Today I will introduce a Japanese restaurant in a one minute (no, 10 seconds) walk from the Seven Garden(super near asakusa station). Name is TATSUMIYA If you stay at Seven Garden, you probably will go through this store several times a day. This shop is also near asakusa station, because the Seven Garden is very close from Asakusa Station. Here is near even from the station and sevengarden. The appearance is like this. ...

  • 18/06

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    What is The Melonpan? You must eat Asakusa modern tradition food.

    Have you ever had The Melonpan at Asakusa? After visiting and praying at the Asakusa Sensoji temple, you will find many souvenir shop and traditional food shop. Walking arround Asakusa Sensoji temple and Kaminarimon gate., There are many shop selling the Melonpan. The Melonpan is type of sweet bread.  Today, I introduce What Melonpan is, and some reccomend Melonpan shop at Asakusa.   What the Melonpan is? The Melonpan "メロンパン" is mede by two words. "Melon" is fruit, as you know. "Pan" is the bread, as you know. When I introduce about Melonpan, many tourist ask "tastes like Melon??" It does not taste like Melon. It looks like Melon. Melonpan is covered with hard and crispy cookie dough, and inside of Melonpan is type of white bread and very soft.  Every Melon pan store arround Asakusa are surving their Melonpan just baked. So, it is fresh and warm. Once you put...

  • 13/06


    akimitsu tendon | you must eat this asakusa meal!

    This time, We will introduce Asakusa's super delicious rice bowl tendon! We went to a famous popular tendon restaurant "Shimomachi Tennosaki Akimitsu" that won the gold prize in the Tendon Bowl division of the 2nd National Bowl of Grand Prix 2015!   Asakusa big boiled tendon! "Shimomachi Tenko Akimitsu (Akimitsu)" at the fifth generation of tendon!  We must eat it.   Many foreigners visit Asakusa, one of Tokyo's famous tourist attractions. As a result, there are many restaurants where foreign tourists can eat delicious Japanese memorable food. From long-established stores to new stores, weak cookery. Here ,you can eat super superfighting district.   In the Asakusa Guesthouse Seven Garden staff 's thought...

  • 01/06

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    Asakusa Walk and Eat Tour vol.1. Recommended by Asakusa Guest House SEVENGARDEN.

    Hi, I'm Taishi. I am working at Asakusa Guest House SEVENGARDEN for a staff. Asakusa, one of the historical town in Tokyo. Once you visit there, you feel the Edo era when it was 100 - 200 years ago. There are many place to visit seeing and feeling ancient time of Japan. However, there are lot of place to go eating Asakusa's original food(Snacks, Sweets, Drinks.). On this blog, I introduce some place to eat original Asakusa's Food which I already had before.      Asakusa Silk Pudding "Asakusa Silk Pudding" is one of my best budding in Tokyo. You can buy this pudding at 1 minute walking from Kaminarimon-Gate Asakusa. It tastes so sweet and feel mellow like silk on your tongue. This pudding made by fresh milk and fresh eggs.  At this store, there are some different types of pudding. If you buy pudding, you can eat that inside of ...

  • 29/05

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    What is hoppy street in asakusa

    Today is a rare Asakusa personal tour. I will introduce "Hoppy street". Hi I'm yuya staff of sevengarden asakusa guest house! today , I will explain Hoppy Street! It's great street for personal tour! "Hoppy street" was once called "stewed street". Because beer was a little expensive in old days, Hoppy became popular because it is cheaper than beer and can taste like beer! It is becoming a drink to be ranked as a staple of popular people in downtown now! Located on the street behind the current Asakusa Temple, "Stewed cow streak" and "Stew with stew" are different in taste by each shop, it is exciting way to enjoy a drink at a favorite shop with a Hoppy! From Nakamise Street which is crowded with tourists, there are streets where shops of sightseeing shops such as souvenir shops line up as you go towards the international street about 100 meters from Legisl...

  • 28/05

    asakusa-walking-guide-and-asakusa-must-eat Asakusa-tour-from-guesthouse asakusa-traditional-japanese-shopping-area-and-market

    asakusa nisisandou syoutengai | It is not very well known but very good tourist spots in asakusa

    Here is one of the best spot in asakusa near by asakusa guest house sevengarden They are called asakusa nisisandou syoutengai. Here is asakusa traditional japanese shopping area and market.It will be good tour for you. Asakusa west entrance shopping street located in the west side of Asakusaji was reborn as a wooden path where you can feel warmth and started a new start. The wood road of Japan's first shopping district has become a shopping district full of emotions wrapped in a soft atmosphere. You can enjoy the scenery stuck to details, such as unifying the steps with the shops that are in close proximity to the color of the tree. In March 2013 the entrance of the entrance to Sensoji side was renovated to Kabuki-za style, and a shopping area with the theme of "festival" completed. There are huge festival illustration prints at the arcade, and there is also a mechanism to watch festival videos when holding a smartphone. In the future, s...

  • 27/05

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    What's snack bar | late night snack bar near by asakusa guest house sevengarden

    Dope Asakusa never on the tour Sevengarden staff yama introduce this dope asakusa late food and drinking area This area is near by asakusa guest house sevengarden. and you can go there untill late night. If you go to asakusa as personal tour , I recommend you to go there. Look this movie Like this style bar , They are called "SNACK" If you google , You cannot find these area. It's really good japanese traditional style since shouwa era. MAP of this dope drinking ...

  • 26/05

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    asakusa tour introduce Imahan sukiyaki restaurant

    Today I came to a shop in sukiyaki called "Imahan" of that legend in asakusa. If you go to high-class restaurant, Imahan is the best There are a main restaurant and an sub-restaurant, Of course we have come to the main restaurant. If you want to eat ranked heigher sukiyaki restaurant, firt of all you should go there ! IMAHAN is the best if you finally eat the finest dinner in the Asakusa personal tour. About Imahan ... Long-established sukiyaki specialty store founded in Nakamise Street in 1895 (Meiji 28). There are four other companies in the city that use the name IMAHAN, but all roots are said to be IMAHAN main restaurant. Passing the finest Wagyu beefried and sucking chicken eggs with a little leanish state is superb. Everyone strikes the mellow texture. If you want to enjoy traditional taste at a reasonable price, try adding raw egg(105 yen) to sukiyaki set(3,150 yen) with rice, Nameko bowl, and Shinkaku. ...