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As far as Asakusa is concerned, it is the city where we eat. We can eat in hundreds of yen. You can eat ice cream, rice crackers, rice cake and various things. We will introduce shops where you can eat near Asakusa guest house Seven Garden.

  • 05/03


    Recommend 5 restaurant on Nakamisei street

    Asakusa's classic sightseeing spots, Nakamise-Street!   This market has a lot of shops   I ate too much at the shop of starting gate area , So ... When I arrive end of area "I can not eat it because I'm full" I introduce recommendation shop infomation , so that you can find good shop easily . It's important . because There are a lot of people.You will be shed in the crowd.   Let's go eat steadily!   This time we will inform you of the 5 recommended restaurants.     I will go straight from Kaminarimon toward Asakusa Temple. Let's go eat and walk.   (1)KIBIDANGO AZUMA   ...

  • 25/02

    Near-AsakusaStation-guesthouse-SevenGarden asakusa-walking-guide-and-asakusa-must-eat

    I went to a legendary tempura store that is in the top 3 of Asakusa 's delicious tasty bowl.

    I love Asakusa Tempura I'm yama , Asakusa guesthouse Sevengarden's staff . today , I introduce high ranked tenpura restaurant near by sevengarden! We call that restaurant "AKASHI" If you ask this tempura restaurant tojapanese, Most people know that! Let's go! I usually start grom sevengarden asakusa guesthouse! I am very much looking forward to it. I was thinking that I wanted to go there for three years. When my parents and friends stayed at Asakusa Guesthouse everyone said that they went to this tempura restaurant. At last the day has come for me to go. I will introduce you to surprise. Let's go!! Akashi!!ASAKUSA TEMPURA! As usual, as soon as you leave the guesthouse and go to the right road (Kannon dori), turn right and go straight. For me it is a familiar road...

  • 18/02

    Near-AsakusaStation-guesthouse-SevenGarden asakusa-walking-guide-and-asakusa-must-eat

    stalls near Kaminarimon| From asakusa guesthouse sevengarden

    Kaminarimon is famous for Asakusa I think that there are many people who know the large lanterns in Kaminarimon because it is a symbol of Asakusa. Kaminarimon was made in 941 AD. It is said to have been made in hopes of the safety and harvesting of the town in the new land when moving through the center of the country. It is a 4-minute walk from the Asakusa guesthouse's Seven Garden and I will arrive at Kaminarimon. There are many stalls here. The staff of the "asakusa guesthouse sevengarnden" think that this is the place where the most people are in Asakusa. This is the kaminarimon This Kaminarimon is night. There are many stalls behind this. The picture of the day is like this. Asakusa Guensthouse Sevengarden introduce near kaminarimon! ...

  • 11/02


    【TSURUYA】ASAKUSA good eel Restaurant | Asakusa guesthouse Sevengarden Recommend (unagi)

    TURUYA is japanese good traditional Unagi Restaurant There are many good restaurants in Asakusa Tsuruya is a traditional eel shop near Asakusa station. Eel is very popular in Japan and it is also known for high-class food. The eel with the bowl is called "UNA - DON" and it is familiar. Tsuruya also offers bowl dishes using poultry such as Oyakodon and Tottori as well as eels. It seems that tourists often eat food such as chicken. I think that you can say that the eel here is a high-priced Asakusa representative eel restaurant by Japan's largest review site. Guesthouse Seven Garden Staff of Asakusa also rumors that the eel here is very tasty. Some eel is cultured and sometime natural(natural is rare). This shop is rare and natural eel, and they offer stuffed eel with homemade sauce. The appearance is also a tradition...