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As far as Asakusa is concerned, it is the city where we eat. We can eat in hundreds of yen. You can eat ice cream, rice crackers, rice cake and various things. We will introduce shops where you can eat near Asakusa guest house Seven Garden.

  • 21/05

    Near-AsakusaStation-guesthouse-SevenGarden asakusa-walking-guide-and-asakusa-must-eat Asakusa-tour-from-guesthouse

    Three things, what you do on a rainy day at Asakusa. By Aakusa Guest House SEVENGARDEN

    Hi, I'm Taishi. I am working at Asakusa Guest House SEVENGARDEN for a staff. Today, I introduce you a special Asakusa tour for a rainy day. There are a lot of things to do, if it is rain.   Three things, You Must to Do at Asakusa on a rainy day.   Walk Down Kannon Street Kannon street is near by Asakusa sensoji temple. The next street of Kaminari Mon Gate.  As you see the picture, this street is a roofed shopping arcade, so you will not get wet with rain. There are many Japanese Traditional souvenir shops on Kannon street.    This is Konpeito candy.  Konpeito candy is one of the famous sweets in Japan. Each can...

  • 09/05

    Near-AsakusaStation-guesthouse-SevenGarden asakusa-walking-guide-and-asakusa-must-eat asakusa-traditional-japanese-shopping-area-and-market

    Marugoto Nippon ! -souvenir/local specialty shop & restaurant in Asakusa- part2

    Hi Everyone! In my last blog Marugoto Nippon –part1-, I introduced 4 shops (Sasada Kamaboko Ten, Gotuo, Ume Biyori and Yon nana mall). Today is the part 2. I will introduce 5 shops! (souvenir, local specialty, gelato...and a supermarket) Let’s go!     *1* Kanjyukuya (完熟屋) from Ehime   Kanjyukuya specializes in honey. There are many types of honey and you can taste some types in the shop.     The shop is selling not only honey but also other honey related products such as honey wine, honey dressing, and honey soap.   See!!! This is a beehive. I saw this up close for the fir...

  • 05/05

    asakusa-walking-guide-and-asakusa-must-eat Asakusa-tour-from-guesthouse

    Most crowded asakusa sensouji tour by sevengarden

    hi , I'm yama sevengarden guest house staff. When japan is holiday , Asakusa is very crowded. I want to introduce crowded asakusa tokyo This is asakusa sensouji entrance. When you use tour , you always pass this street . But , today is special , national holiday. So ,A lot of people come here. Can look smoke?...

  • 30/04

    Near-AsakusaStation-guesthouse-SevenGarden asakusa-walking-guide-and-asakusa-must-eat asakusa-traditional-japanese-shopping-area-and-market

    Marugoto Nippon ! -souvenir/local specialty shop & restaurant in Asakusa- part1

    Hello! Today I want to introduce a very interesting place in Asakusa. Its name is “Marugoto Nippon (まるごとにっぽん)". Marugoto Nippon is a shopping complex. You can buy various kinds of souvenirs and eat local cuisine around Japan.   It’s located near Asakusa station-Tsukuba Express line. I’m going straight to the point, I really like this place! And I think you will also like it!!   Today I will show you 4 souvenir shops at 1F- Rakuichi (楽市). Here we go!   *1* Sasada Kamaboko Ten (笹田蒲鉾店) from Tokushima.   Kamaboko is what is called a “fish cake” or “surimi seafood”. Kamoboko is very useful in Japanese cuisine because it’s ready-to-eat meals and rich in nutrition. There are some types of Kamaboko; boiled, roasted, steamed, fried and this shop sells many kinds of them. Some of th...

  • 19/04

    cheap-affordable asakusa-walking-guide-and-asakusa-must-eat late-night-food-asakusa

    Negima nabe in Ichimon - Tuna in hot-pot

    Have you ever eaten “tuna in hot-pot”? I think most of you, even if you are Japanese, have never had it or have never heard it. I went to “Ichimon (一文)” in Asakusa last night and discovered totally new tuna dish. The dish name is “Negima Nabe (ねぎま鍋)”.  Tuna lover must try this!   As you know or as you imagine, we often eat tuna raw as Sashimi and Sushi. But here in Ichimon, you can eat tuna in hot-pot called Negima Nabe. “Negi (ねぎ)” is green onion in Japanese and “ma (ま)” is the first character of  “まぐろ” which means tuna in Japanese.   The origin of Negima nabe goes back to Edo-era. At that time, people usually ate lean tuna because fatty tuna was not suitable to keep fresh. Therefore, unfortunately most fatty tuna was discarded. (Oh my god!!!!!! I really like fatty tuna…Mottainai!)   People created a new way of eating tuna so that fatty tuna won’t be discarded anymore. This is how Negima nabe was born....

  • 26/03

    cheap-affordable asakusa-walking-guide-and-asakusa-must-eat asakusa-traditional-japanese-shopping-area-and-market

    Ideal for a break! Nakamise Street west side

    Hi I'm mukai ! I'm asakusa guest house "sevengarden"'s staff. Today , I introduce cheap and affordable shops near sensou-ji. Nakamise Street connecting Kaminarimon and Asakusa Temple is always flowrishing with lots of people. However, let's go to the side road when you gets tired of the crowd for a moment.       Then you will reach the alley surrounded by red walls. There are also candy stores and specialty shops here, and you can see the shop more slowly than Nakamise street.     Along the Nakamise Street, there is a alley on the east side and the west side respectively. This time we will introduce the west side!   Let's go from Kaminarimon side.     ■...

  • 21/03

    asakusa-walking-guide-and-asakusa-must-eat asakusa-traditional-japanese-shopping-area-and-market

    Denpoin Street asakusa(west side) Asakusa-tour

      Speaking of Asakusa street, Nakamise Street is famous. It is crowded with many people every day.   However, If You came this street near Sensoji temple, It is better to go.   That street name is ... Denpoin Street asakusa You can call denbouin-doori It is a street that intersects Nakamise Street just south of Senso-ji.   As the name says, it is located just behind the place called the Denpouin. By the way, the Denpouin is the residence of Sensoji temple duties and the training dojo of a priest. A beautiful garden that is open for a limited time is famous.   Well, the interesting part of this street is that in adittion to there are plenty of specialty shops such as kimonos and tempura,shops for brush , bookstores, advertisement of old signs and the atmosphere of the Edo period.     First off , from the gate. I will head ...

  • 08/03

    asakusa-walking-guide-and-asakusa-must-eat late-night-food-asakusa

    【Lodge Akaishi 】japanese western food restaurant | night food

    Lodge Akaishi is "japanese western food" restauran It's difficult to find good Late night food in asakusa We introduce this restaurant , If you stay asakusa , you will go out at night. At that time , this restaurant is convenient and This night food restaurant is always chosen as ranking Japanese western food ranking always choose Loge Akaishi If we take night food into consideration ,Lodge Akaishi is the best! Now...night has come...Let's go Lodge Akaishi!   The inside of the shop seems to be in Japan in Showa. Such cafe is said to be KISSATEN and it is recognized as a symbol of a good old age. The interior is very nice. ...

  • 05/03


    What is japanese western food | YOSHIKAMI-restaurant

    Do you know "japanese western food"? The name include western and look like western food , But It's japanese food This strange name cuisine began after the war. After the war, there was no food in Japan trying to make Western cuisine. Therefore, we mixed the missing things with the ingredients of Japanese food and made our own evolution. That is Japanese Western cuisine. I highly recommend it.You can eat that in ASAKUSA!!! I introduce YOSHIKAMI-restaurant! This is the restaurant! in center of asakusa Let's walk in! Omrice, pork sauce, beef stew, hamburger steak... We all know the name well. But it is Japanese style. ...