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  • 13/04

    cheap-affordable asakusa-walking-guide-and-asakusa-must-eat

    Kamameshi restaurant

    Good evening everyone! Today I’m going to introduce a very famous and popular and cheap affordable KAMAMESHI(釜めし) restaurant in Asakusa.   The restaurant name is  “釜めし 春 (Kamameshi Haru)” . “Haru” means spring in Japanese. Haru is an old restaurant started in 1926 and has been offering fantastic Kamameshi over the decades. I bet you can enjoy authentic taste in Haru!   Before introducing Haru, do you know what is Kamameshi? Or have you ever had it? Kamameshi is one of Japanese traditional dishes, which is cooked and served in an iron pot called “Kama”. Rice and other ingredients (usually chicken, fish, vegetables, mushrooms, etc.) in it and the harmony of them is really nice…….sounds awesome! you must eat this Asakusa food KAMAMESHI. Haru is said to be the first restaurant who started serving Kamameshi in Japan.   Haru is located near Asakusa stations, about 6-7 minutes’ walk from all lines. This time we went t...

  • 18/06

    about-seven-garden cheap-affordable asakusa-walking-guide-and-asakusa-must-eat Asakusa-tour-from-guesthouse

    What is The Melonpan? You must eat Asakusa modern tradition food.

    Have you ever had The Melonpan at Asakusa? After visiting and praying at the Asakusa Sensoji temple, you will find many souvenir shop and traditional food shop. Walking arround Asakusa Sensoji temple and Kaminarimon gate., There are many shop selling the Melonpan. The Melonpan is type of sweet bread.  Today, I introduce What Melonpan is, and some reccomend Melonpan shop at Asakusa.   What the Melonpan is? The Melonpan "メロンパン" is mede by two words. "Melon" is fruit, as you know. "Pan" is the bread, as you know. When I introduce about Melonpan, many tourist ask "tastes like Melon??" It does not taste like Melon. It looks like Melon. Melonpan is covered with hard and crispy cookie dough, and inside of Melonpan is type of white bread and very soft.  Every Melon pan store arround Asakusa are surving their Melonpan just baked. So, it is fresh and warm. Once you put...

  • 29/05

    cheap-affordable asakusa-walking-guide-and-asakusa-must-eat

    What is hoppy street in asakusa

    Today is a rare Asakusa personal tour. I will introduce "Hoppy street". Hi I'm yuya staff of sevengarden asakusa guest house! today , I will explain Hoppy Street! It's great street for personal tour! "Hoppy street" was once called "stewed street". Because beer was a little expensive in old days, Hoppy became popular because it is cheaper than beer and can taste like beer! It is becoming a drink to be ranked as a staple of popular people in downtown now! Located on the street behind the current Asakusa Temple, "Stewed cow streak" and "Stew with stew" are different in taste by each shop, it is exciting way to enjoy a drink at a favorite shop with a Hoppy! From Nakamise Street which is crowded with tourists, there are streets where shops of sightseeing shops such as souvenir shops line up as you go towards the international street about 100 meters from Legisl...

  • 19/04

    cheap-affordable asakusa-walking-guide-and-asakusa-must-eat late-night-food-asakusa

    Negima nabe in Ichimon - Tuna in hot-pot

    Have you ever eaten “tuna in hot-pot”? I think most of you, even if you are Japanese, have never had it or have never heard it. I went to “Ichimon (一文)” in Asakusa last night and discovered totally new tuna dish. The dish name is “Negima Nabe (ねぎま鍋)”.  Tuna lover must try this!   As you know or as you imagine, we often eat tuna raw as Sashimi and Sushi. But here in Ichimon, you can eat tuna in hot-pot called Negima Nabe. “Negi (ねぎ)” is green onion in Japanese and “ma (ま)” is the first character of  “まぐろ” which means tuna in Japanese.   The origin of Negima nabe goes back to Edo-era. At that time, people usually ate lean tuna because fatty tuna was not suitable to keep fresh. Therefore, unfortunately most fatty tuna was discarded. (Oh my god!!!!!! I really like fatty tuna…Mottainai!)   People created a new way of eating tuna so that fatty tuna won’t be discarded anymore. This is how Negima nabe was born....

  • 15/04

    Near-AsakusaStation-guesthouse-SevenGarden cheap-affordable late-night-food-asakusa

    You can eat Aomori ramen near by sevengarden asakusa guest house

    You can eat Aomori ramen near by sevengarden asakusa guest house Ramen is culture for japanese , There are a lot of ramen shop in asakusa We introduce ramen shop near sevengarden guset house That shop is in Kannon road that we introduce before. They are called Tushima ramen shop! When you go out seven-garden , please go to right side. and Please turn left end of the street , you just go straight that road. You can reach this ramen shop for 1min from seven garden asakusa guest house. Appearace is like that.  This japanese words mean "This is dried sardine ramen shop from Aomori prefecture". Dried sardine ramen is trend for Tokyo ramen since 2014. Some people don't like dried sardine ramen ,but asakusa guesthouse's sevengarden staffs like that , this ramen has rich fragrance ...

  • 05/04


    If you would like to enjoy traditional Japanese gardens in Asakusa, Legendary Garden called Denpoin Garden

    About Denpouin Garden asakusa Asakusa guest house sevengarden staffs introduce Denpouin gardne! In Asakusa Temple there are several buildings such as Kaminari Gate, Takaragura gate, Five Standing Pagoda, Asakusa Shrine and so on. This time, I would like to go to the Denpouin Garden, one of them, in the Linguin Hospital! The Denpouin Yuan is the place where you can give precious gifts at Sensoji Temple and a ceremonial festival of Buddhism. This garden in the Denpouin Yuan is designated as a national designated scenic spot. The national designated scenic spots are the land which the country decided, the landscape is particularly good, Kinkakuji in Kyoto, Ginkakuji, Ryoanji also seem to have received this designation.   Denpouin Garden is open for a limited period. Depending on the year, from March until early May, it will be a garden that will only be open to the public for about two ...

  • 26/03

    cheap-affordable asakusa-walking-guide-and-asakusa-must-eat asakusa-traditional-japanese-shopping-area-and-market

    Ideal for a break! Nakamise Street west side

    Hi I'm mukai ! I'm asakusa guest house "sevengarden"'s staff. Today , I introduce cheap and affordable shops near sensou-ji. Nakamise Street connecting Kaminarimon and Asakusa Temple is always flowrishing with lots of people. However, let's go to the side road when you gets tired of the crowd for a moment.       Then you will reach the alley surrounded by red walls. There are also candy stores and specialty shops here, and you can see the shop more slowly than Nakamise street.     Along the Nakamise Street, there is a alley on the east side and the west side respectively. This time we will introduce the west side!   Let's go from Kaminarimon side.     ■...

  • 13/03

    Near-AsakusaStation-guesthouse-SevenGarden cheap-affordable

    have you ever eaten puffer finish in asakusa |boil puffer fish in a pan

    Have you ever eaten pufferfish in asakusa ? Let's eat japanese traditional high-class food Once in a while Today I introduce restaurant called "Takatori Onoya" This restaurant belong KAPPOU restaurant KAPPOU is a restaurant of authentic Japanese cuisine, kaiseki and kaiseki cuisine. There is a kitchen in the store, the hight-class chef cooks and serves dishes. You can eat in a vibrant atmosphere that you can see how the cook cooks through the counter or talk with the cook. Originally very high class food, But You can eat KAPPOU affordably. asakusa Takatori Onoya is famous restaurant in asakusa here is near by kaminarimon Let's enter ...

  • 10/03

    Near-AsakusaStation-guesthouse-SevenGarden cheap-affordable late-night-food-asakusa

    Let's eat affordable Aakusa Ramen! | night food near sevengarden asakusa guest house

    This is the best ramen shop in asakusa 1. It's very near by station . and It's very near by guest house sevengarden! staffs always eat there. today , I will show you the best ramen in asakusa! this ramen-shop open untill midnight! night food! Asakusa's night is early. but this ramen-shop open untill midnight. this is the reason why We recommend! ramen is always cheap! and affordable! every menu are less than 1000Yen. Low price help me The name of ramen shop is ..YUKIKAGE Rich soup made by chicken cooked for a long time There are Tanrei-Ramen and Rich-Flavor-Ramen, and Tsukemen-noodles, but highly recommended is rich-noodles(noukou ramen). Pig and cattle ingredients are eliminated from all raw materials. It is different from other stores where we are making chicken only. It is "chicken white ramen" of rich chicken and noodles that is gourmet even though you are satisfied. Please enjoy a rich thick white soup filled with plenty of umami and collagen prepared by thoroughly simmering natural ingredients such as ...